Monday, March 19, 2012


Sing A Sweet Little Birdie Song Spring is In The Air

Spring is in the air, and these little cuties below are heading south for the spring.…
south down to Kansas city that is as Karla Nathan is hosting her Bird Song Two Event
and I so wish I could attend!!!
So considering I won't be able to make it... I've come up with a plan B
which meant participating in my own simple and small way
by making some goodies for her attendees to be placed into  favor bags.

I so hope she enjoys opening the special little Shabby Chic Sachets I've made for her and her guests!!!
I know I sure had fun making them!!!! It's always better to give then receive right!!!!
Hugs, Tricia


  1. They are even prettier in person! Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Tricia, I am one of Karla's peeps and will be attending Bird Song Two. Thank you in advance for the lovely gift. Last year the goodie bags alone were worth the price of admission. It looks like they will be spectacular this year also.

  3. Tricia - these look beautiful! I'm sure Karla and her guest will love them! Like you, I was bummed that I couldn't make it to BirdSong II... maybe next year? Are you signed up for any events this year?

    1. Good Morning Mercedes, Thank you so much!!! I had fun making them once I found all the scrap material from a local thrift store!
      So far I'm not signed up for any but I would like to go again FORSURE!!! But funny enough ..I was thinking of you the other day...thinking YOU should plan one here in MN!!!! Your blog is so Beautiful and you'd be great at it!!! I would come forsure and help with wathever you may need!!! You could start out small like Karla!!! Doesn't this sound like fun????????
      Isn't this a fabulousooo idea?
      Have a great day Merecedes!!!

  4. How sweet of you Tricia for sending us Bird Song II Peeps a sponsor gift... Thank you so much!

    Hopefully we'll meet at Bird Song III... yep, Karla we are already eagerly anticipating III.