Monday, February 13, 2012

Swapping Sweetness

Lets get down to all the nitty gritty good details….staring with the box.  Wouldn’t you just be dying to tear this big bugger wide open?
Looks like Im having a bit of trouble with my focus as the photos below are a bit unclear. So unfair to Grace I'll try to work on this for another post at another date and time. But anyways....
  Well I made myself wait a day or two so by now the anticipation was about killing me.
  I'm the type to snoop high and low throughout the house desperately sneaking out any sort of gift that may be for me and then pretending I didn’t find it and acting ever so excited once I finally open the item.

Big fat liar…yes I know!!!!
Okay so here it first on line swap ~ graciously hosted my by new sweet friend Mrs. Cheryl Figliola ( I love that last name…makes me think of sweet yummy Fig Newton cookies very time I see it!!! Yum Yum)

My BEAUTIFUL cone was so sweetly made by Grace of Pink In The City…and WOWZeeee would I love to come and live in her pink city as I'm sure it's to be as fabulousoo as her gift itself.   A very dreamy place indeed!!!
Thanks so much Grace I truly Love each and every last detail you’ve so graciously placed into my sweet surprise!!!

I think it's sooo fuuny how we both placed similar items into our cones...another great example of how great minds must think alike!!!
Happy Day of Love to all!!!
If Ever a question…LOVE IS The Answer!!!!!

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